A Village in the North of England

Salterforth Parish Council

Salterforth is a village in the North of England. Traditionally a part of the historic County of Yorkshire, Salterforth now comprises part of the West Craven district of Lancashire. Thus the red rose is shown entwined with the white rose in, for example, the local paper. Historically Salterforth was part of Pennine England. It was little more than a scattering of farms and a few hand weavers cottages, as were other nearby settlements. There is the famous “Jinny Well” in the village. This was at one time the main water supply for the village. It is said to have been watched over by Jenney/Jinny Greenteeth who according to folklore pulled children under the water. Locals maintain the well to this day. The Leeds-Liverpool Canal has its highest point in the village.

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